Feb 9, 2021Liked by Aaron A. Reed

microfiche haptics is an amazing hack! these folks were clever! and funny🧙 ::casts datspell::

i'm delighted to discover a pre-Rogue and pre-MUD history of RPGs that includes such innovative and interesting mechanics: dnd's gold encounter rate, Moria's 1st person and multiplayer parties, and Oubliette's proto-raids.

thanks for the excellent research and write-up! may your eyes soon cool from the plasma flashes

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Feb 4, 2021Liked by Aaron A. Reed

Amazing game on the amazing platform with amazing graphics of it's time of appearance. I have played MUD much more later, but good to know where this principle of game came from. And the graphics is stunning.

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it's amazing how some people were already playing dungeon crawlers some 10 years before it started becoming really widespread. I kinda feel the same about VR: something that will only be a meaningful part of mainstream culture in 10+ years or so. The difference is that people were not hating those early efforts for not being played with pen and paper, they simply didn't even know they existed...

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