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Here's an interesting tidbit for a future edition:

The original game to feature the exciting type of fighting and combat system which Achaea is lauded for was called Avalon (as mentioned by Matt in the article)... I guess you could call the guy who created it the mad genius type. Avalon was a subscription based game but it thrived up until a point (long story) because it had a loyal playerbase who were for the most part ardently against pay-to-win features and thus not favourable towards Achaea/IRE games.

In Avalon there were sometimes major competitions in which players competed against one another with the overall winner ascending to the pantheon and becoming or gaining a god character.

The final of one of these competitions was a titanic struggle between Shaitan - young Matt Mihalys character and Gandalph.

Shaitan would go on to create Achaea.

Gandalph would go on to create Akanbar, a free to play game without pay to win features which also features a great fighting system (among other things) that rewards skill, knowledge and creativity.

I felt that was some interesting lore to share, how one groundbreaking game from the pay-to-play era spawned both the commercially successful beast of Achaea and the quaint and passionately made Akanbar. The fact that both future world creators faced each other in the final of an Ascension Quest in the mothergame adds a bit of drama to the 'origin story'.

All three great games in their own right and very very different from one another despite their shared genetics.

(Both Akanbar and Achaea, I believe, also have held Ascension competitions in which a player can win ascension, so there are many carry overs from Avalon besides just the genre of combat).

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"not a common featureS" : feature

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Thanks for the catch!

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