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I bought this game at 16 or 17. My teacher, Dr. Leek, realized that I had a difficult home life (my parents were separated, then got back together, not for the better) and set a series of challenges for me to succeed in her chemistry class and in Science League, an after-school competition. When I met the goals, she loaned me the school's Apple IIe for the summer.

I saw this game and bought it. I never finished it, and I keep meaning to try it and see if I can see the ending. I didn't know about the new version, and I'll definitely try it.

As a virginal suburban kid, a lot of the subtext of Disch's work went over my head, but I still loved the idea of exploring NYC. As an adult who ended up consulting in the Big Apple for a few years, as empty as the game was, I think it set the bar a little higher than reality. The NYC of the last ten years turned out to be a bit emptier than the game, and Manhattan lost its appeal.

But what a game, even if it was a commercial failure.

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Are the bonus articles also going to be in the book? (I'm trying to gauge whether I should read it now or save it so that I have new material to pull me through the hard copy.)

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