Pixelberry's Choices and the insanely popular, wildly overlooked genre of interactive fiction romance on mobile.
The "texting adventure" that got millions of people to swap urgent messages with a fictional astronaut.
Inkle Studios and the hit that took players around the world through an interactive story with 16,000 choices.
The story of Versu, the legendary storytelling engine that never got its chance to shine.
A revolution of text games powered by blue links and radical prose: Twine and the rise of Porpentine.
The simple text game that hid an infinite textual multiverse behind a single word.
The visual novel turned indie breakout that launched a career and took players "five minutes into the future of 1988."
The Flash-era browser game with the implausible idea to use words, not images or animation, to get clicks.
The interactive fiction that turned narration on its head and the design language that reinvented everything about making text games.
The anthology project that brought interactive fiction writers in three different languages together.
The text of Dwarf Fortress and procedural tales so expansive no human could ever explore them all. 
The audio game that used sound effects and spoken descriptions to power a first-person shooter by and for blind gamers.