The quest for the earliest transcript of a computer game uncovers a surprisingly complex computer strategy game from the 1950s.
One of the first complex computer games, a military wargame called HUTSPIEL (1955), was created by a historian, Dr. Dorothy K. Clark.
Some final thoughts on this epic expedition.
A generator for perfumes and memories that built an incredible meaning-making machine in procedural text.
Text games return to their roots, but this time entwined with the infinite grafts of a strange, brand new technology…
An opera singer's interactive novel, and a text game company focused on readers, not gamers: Choice of Games.
The dawn of incremental games: how some of the most virally addictive games of the 2010s were nothing but text and numbers going up.
Pixelberry's Choices and the insanely popular, wildly overlooked genre of interactive fiction romance on mobile.
The "texting adventure" that got millions of people to swap urgent messages with a fictional astronaut.