The Flash-era browser game with the implausible idea to use words, not images or animation, to get clicks.
The interactive fiction that turned narration on its head and the design language that reinvented everything about making text games.
The anthology project that brought interactive fiction writers in three different languages together.
The text of Dwarf Fortress and procedural tales so expansive no human could ever explore them all. 
The audio game that used sound effects and spoken descriptions to power a first-person shooter by and for blind gamers.
Sometimes the bravest thing a game can do is take a hike.
A kingdom in a browser tab filled with questionable puns, visited daily by millions desperate for a taste of adventure.
What could fiction be like if freed from the tyranny of the line, or the screen? 
The incredible story of the first alternate reality game that turned players loose on a mystery with a thousand clues.
A game about a single conversation; a character who asked players to take her seriously.
The storytelling strategy game that was too behind-the-times to sell on release, and a revolutionary sleeper hit a decade later.
Some moments change everything. The game that forever changed the conversation about what interactive fiction could be.